The growing trend for more and more states is to recognize that CPR is not only an extremely valuable skill, but should also be made mandatory for students to learn before they can graduate from high school. There are bills in many states that are in various stages of implementation.  New York has already enacted this law but many schools are finding it hard to implement the training. Some schools don’t have the money to buy training materials, others don’t have the staff to administer the course. With the amount of students graduating high school we can see why this is an issue.0923-CPR-in-schools-01

This is where Action CPR LLC comes in.

We have for years been advocates for CPR training to the younger population. They will be the ones most likely to encounter some one in need of help.  Just look at the number of graduates in New York State alone. 193,000+ annually. That is a huge number of potential life savers.

Action CPR LLC is now implementing a new program available to all Niagara and Northern Erie County high schools.


You read that correctly. FREE! Every senior student in any high school in Niagara or Northern Erie County. This course takes approximately 1 hour for 15 -25 students. Every student will get the skills and hands on experience with top of the line training manikins and AED trainers. Guided by the best WNY has to offer from the in-hospital and pre-hospital fields every student will benefit from 30+ years of experience.

Want your school involved? Just contact us about the program or pass this page along to your school admins.